Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Swim lessons

I joke that Lifetime loses money on our membership.
The kids go for two hours everyday, I attend classes eight times a week, use the steam room and shower daily, we always have plans for the two guest passes we get a month, I redeemed my enrollment LTbucks and scored a $1 haircut, and most recently enrolled the kids in a month of free swim lessons.

McKay hasn't taken swim lessons since he was six months old and Macey has never taken them. They obviously do just fine in the water, but what harm can (free) structured exposure cause? Understandably, they had a hard time being told when they were allowed to swim and only getting 30 minutes in the water wasn't ideal, but their skills are quite impressive.

Keep the perks coming Lifetime!


  1. And Daddy got to enjoy watching them while Mommy worked out for a second time...

  2. If I ever make it to Denver while you all live there, I need one of those guest passes!

  3. Love it! Way to fully utilize your pass!!!