Thursday, October 25, 2018


We crossed the boarder with Rich, the nervous Nelly, spilling our whole weeks’ itinerary and the guard understandably questioned whether to let us in.

 I put Rich in charge of our time in Canada and it was interesting to see how different we take control. Rich arranged for us to stay the night in Grandby at the home of his friend’s parents’ house and we were treated to crepes with maple syrup for breakfast— a true French Canadian meal. 

We headed to Montreal via Jacques-Cartier bridge with no maps (we forgot to pack them) phones with data turned off and no tracking GPS because we didn’t want to hassle with an  international plan for a single day. I hadn’t done any research on the area because Rich was taking the lead. We found ourselves getting frustrated, circling around the Notre Dam Basilica 
until we ended back in the parking garage where Rich spent 20 minutes speaking French to the Valet driver— I should have know that’s all it’d take to make his visit worthwhile. 

Our final view of the country was over the Thousand Island and what a remarkable view that was. 

This was our first visit to Canada and the furthest north we’ve been in the continent. Pretty good, eh? 

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