Thursday, September 13, 2018

B classes

Our Lifetime offers daily classes for the kids to participate in AND they just started (free) progressive classes they can do as well. I signed Macey up for a 10 week ballet class and enrolled McKay in the 10 week basketball class but that separation didn't last long because they both wanted to do ballet AND basketball.

 They had their first classes this week and we're all in love.  The kids get exposure to something new, with a specific instructor and I don't have to pay extra for it, or spend a night during the week (or even worse, a Saturday) at practice!

^^this ballerina and I went on a girls date thrifting and found the cutest leotards (the one pictured is a hand me down from Brooke--thank you!). I ended up ordering her and Macey ballet shoes from Amazon and they keep asking for them, they can't wait to show them off for class next week.

^^I've always said basketball is my favorite sport to watch and seeing this kid in his "Minecraft" under-amour, holding a ball that he has no control over makes me excited to see what he'll think of the sport 15 years from now. Rich, however, thinks Macey will be our basketball star :)

What an inspiration these kids are to try new things and be willing to learn.

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