Monday, August 13, 2018


Once I received the e-mail from our Bishop saying that President and Sister Savage were speaking in our ward and then teaching third hour to our youth, I couldn't wait. My little brother married one of their daughters, so we've known the Savages for a while and for the past year they have been serving as the mission presidents in our area and we've been richly blessed. I've always been impressed by Scott and Cindi with their ability to make you feel of worth and special-- it's truly a gift.

The overall theme of their talks and lesson was simply it matters what you do.
It matters that you bother to come to church when the kids can't sit still and you spend the whole first hour shushing them instead of listening.
It matters that you notice a friend gone on Sunday and you reach out, making sure everything is ok.  
Prayer matters, even if the miracle doesn't happen.
It matter the clothes you wear and how you choose to represent yourself.
It matter to have a testimony of Jesus Christ and to constantly work to strengthen it. 
The simple things matter.

One of my Laurels leaves the state for college this week and I couldn't think of a better lesson to send her off with than the truths the Savages taught.

And perhaps the most powerful moment of all was when Cindi pulled me aside and said my mom would be proud of me. Those words meant so much but having them come from someone who knew, and spent time with my mom made it all the more meaningful. 

Thanks President and Sister Savage for the time you spent in the Boulder ward.  The congregation, the youth and I were deeply touched.

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