Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Birthday Horse

For months, whenever Macey was asked what she wanted for her birthday she would say
I want to ride a horse
Thanks to Rich's co-worker's girlfriend (who shared her horse with us last year too) we made Macey's wish come true.
^^The big THREE (holding up her fingers) year old riding on Hector.

^^we watched Hector during his riding lesson and then it was Macey's turn!

^^Hector was so great with both kids

and then Lauren brought out a pony named Lady Jayne and we got to groom her. We brushed her with three different brushes, cleaned her hoofs, and fed her and Hector treats of bananas, carrots and apples. We also saw Hector get hosed down + squeegeed off. 
Our night at the stable couldn't have been more special!

It was such a fun evening celebrating our little girl and her love of horses.
Thank you so much Lauren for making everything possible!!
Happy Birthday Macey!

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  1. So awesome to make Macey's birthday dream come true - in a BIG way.