Monday, July 2, 2018

two wheels

We bought McKay a bike for his third birthday and he was never very interested in riding it. Fast forward two years and he's finally getting excited about his (second hand) super fast, blue bike! He never mastered the strider and didn't love training wheels so we are working on learning a two wheeler. If you have any coaching tips, let us know!

catching a glimpse of future bike rides as a family is sure exciting!

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  1. Future family bike rides - hooray!! Sorry, no helpful coaching tips. Loren (6) and Dane (8) received bikes for Christmas just before Ernie and I got married. We took them over to my parent's home and they learned to ride with Ernie running behind, hanging onto the bike seat and trying to balance them. There were multiple crashed into the bushes that grew along side the road. It is possible the rest of the children used training wheels for a period of time...not sure.