Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Happy Birthday McKay!

McKay boy is now FIVE years old!

This kid is just the best.

 He can (and does) talk to anyone about Pokemon, Star Wars and archery.  He typically cycles through obsessions every few months and it's quite fascinating to see what he holds on to. I truly despise clutter in our home, but I'll always make room for books and I love that McKay doesn't even know what the toy aisle at Walmart is, but knows right where to find the archery books at the library. Speaking of books, McKay is such a fan.  Many days during quiet time, he spends nearly two hours with his books and is always up for someone to read to him. Calvin and Hobbes became a fast favorite this summer and I'll often hear Rich and the kids giggling while reading for bedtime. Bedtime continues to be 7pm, but if McKay naps (happens more often than not) he can be veeeerrryyyy flexible on when he goes to bed. Recently, he's set a new standard to sleeping in and he been waking up around 7am.  The 12 hours in between are spent playing with neighbors and friends, swimming or another activity out of the home, quiet time, and in the fall he'll do preschool at Lifetime Fitness.

It's been insightful to see personality traits of him as a infant, carry over to childhood and perhaps the rest of his life.  You may remember that McKay didn't walk until he was 19 months old.  We were so nervous that he was delayed, but he eventually got it and you would never guess it now. Academically, he is at his own pace. And he is just now interested in riding a bike.  One thing about McKay, is you just have to wait for him to be ready and then the magic happens.

A few days ago I saw him walk up to his friend Allegra, grab her hand and say 'let's go on a date'.  It made me so happy to see McKay picking up on the fact that mom and dad goes on dates because they love each other and he wanted to share that with his friend. Everyone wants to be McKay's friend and I love seeing him interact with new people everywhere. McKay especially likes older kids and does his best to keep up. Something about a cute blondie, that will play whatever you suggest, makes for the best friend.

McKay can be easily influenced and has learned hard lessons this past year on making good choices even if your friends aren't.  He can make the most grumpy of faces and can make his attitude match. Nice words and actions aren't always the case between him and Macey and he is quite sneaky when he wants that second popcicle. As a family we've been leaning how to best address these concerns and we appreciate how receptive McKay is and frequently he'll remind Rich and I to follow the same rules.

Helpful and independent are two other traits that come to mind when reflecting on McKay.  He puts all his laundry away and will often help Macey with hers.  He loves to clean the bathrooms and is getting pretty good at spraying and wiping the counters. Vacuuming is another chore he is nearly doing on his own. Each morning he dressing himself, brushes his own teeth, makes his bed and can get his own breakfast.  He can open the car door and will buckle himself in his carseat like a pro. I absolutely love watching him learn and develop.

McKay is such a pleasure to have around and there have been many moments lately where McKay will stop what he's doing and say "Mom, you're the best ever" --that is what I live for. I know he is five, but he'll always be my little McKay.

Happy Birthday big guy.

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  1. McKay is growing up - so exciting! A child who likes to clean the bathroom is a prize. I love hearing about his personality - the great things and the things he's working on. Love to the Messerly Four and especially Birthday Boy McKay.