Thursday, July 26, 2018


The third annual Messerly Four combined birthday party was a smashing success! 

With our birthdays all within nine weeks of each other, it's become our tradition to just throw one party for us all and call it good. Nine families came last night and we ate pizza, popcorn, snacks and cake on the patio at the clubhouse + went swimming at our pool. The rain clouds rolled out when the party started and came back as we were wrapping up-- I can thank my angel mother for that tender mercy. My favorite part was when 40 of our dearest Colorado friends sang Happy Birthday to our little family and I can't express enough how much their friendship means to us. When I asked McKay "isn't this the best day ever, getting to swim and hang out with all our best friends?!?" the grin, that never left his face the whole party, was the perfect answer. 

Criste, Gunnell, Cerny, Babcock, Cox, Shirts, Stalker, Corina, and Goodell families who helped celebrate the Messerly Four. 

 Thank you for being such a special part of our story, we love you!

and who knows where our party will be held next year

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