Friday, July 13, 2018

birthday celebrations

^^Last night, Rich came home with stuffed crust pizza + McKay thought of, asked for and bought this bouquet of flowers for me, annnd we were all asleep by 8pm-- a perfect ending to an intense day! 

^^ Somehow I managed to get a date night on top of everything else! I reserved a babysitter but Rich did the rest.  He arranged timing with the babysitter and planned the date.  I loved seeing him stress about finding where the babysitter lived, talking with her parents at the door, needing to fill the car up but rushing to beat traffic, calling the restaurant to put us on the waiting list, and wanting to find something specific to do for "Friday the 13th", I truly felt like my man was taking complete control of the date and I loved it! 

Rich took me to downtown Denver and we ate dinner on the 16th street mall, outside on a perfect summer evening. Dessert was at Voodoo Donuts which was the Friday the 13th connection. I kept saying over and over again how perfect the date was and I meant it.

28 may just be the best year yet.

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