Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day two

We woke up in Torrey, Utah and headed to our fifth and final (notice a trend?) National Park in Utah:
I'm not sure why we never made it to the park in the nine years we lived in Utah, but at least we made up for it today. 

^^I planned for us to do the Hickman Bridge hike, it was only 1.8 miles round trip but in the 95 degree heat the kids barely made it to the .3 mile marker.  Being as stubborn as I am, I left the kids with Rich and I finished the hike alone. This is me under the arch, alone. I probably should have been a good mom and turned back with my family, but I just had to finish.Y

^^at the trailhead

^^pullout on the scenic drive

^^we asked nearly everyone we know in Utah to meet us at Capitol Reef for the day and sadly no one could join us. Ironically, we ended up being at the park the same day as our next doors neighbors in Colorado, what a coincidence!

Once we left the park we drove to Rich's parents house in Springville.  We arrived earlier than planned so we ate dinner together, played with toys and caught up. When McKay found out he was going to sleep in Rich's childhood bunk bed he immediately said "I'm tired, let's go to bed!" He looked like such a big boy on that top bunk and kept asking grandma to read him more stories and Macey wanted grandma to cuddle. Our kids don't usually warm up to people instantaneously, but they did with Grandma Messerly and witnessing it was a very tender experience. 

Once the kids were put to bed, Rich and I took his brother Matt out to Provo. Reminiscing about nearly every place we drove by, and seeing all the change, growth and beauty was a special time. BYU + Provo is where our life together began and it'll always hold a piece of our hearts.

and how could we visit Provo without some of our favorite treats?? 
Bruges + Mighty Baker were the winners of the night

National park by morning, town of memories by night?
What a good day.

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  1. I love how you met up with your neighbors at Capitol Reef - so great.
    I sure wish your cupcake shop had been open but you recovered nicely with a delicious looking cookie.
    So happy you came to visit! Love to the Messerly Four -