Sunday, May 27, 2018


^^up at 5am to watch the Royal Wedding

^^if you look closely you'll see two people far in the distance, quite a workout trying to reach them and hoping they were who I thought they were!

^^a friend asked me to french braid her daughters hair so I had to practice on Macey.

^^Macey 5 undies + 1 sock
McKay 1 undie + 5 socks

^^playdates are her favorite

^^Macey made a new friend and the first thing she asked 
"do you like hot dogs?"

^^super hero, super boys, super birthday party! The five year old in the red moves this weekend and all of our hearts hurt. 

^^grad party for our one graduating Laurel. The kids were in heaven with the backyard. Horses, South Boulder Creek, dog, waterfall, fire pit with s'mores all with their best friends in the ward-- what more could you ask for?

^^South Mesa hike

^^Darth Macey vs. super Pikachu 

^^the cutie who cuddles in my bed while I'm at the gym

catch 'em


^^a few weeks ago McKay was talking about Pokemon in church and the young man in front of us drew McKay a picture of Ash and Pikachu-- it totally made McKay's day. Then the following Sunday, the same young man came up to McKay and handed him this huge bag full of his Pokemon figurines! McKay has been playing with them nonstop ever since.

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  1. Hope you and Macey enjoyed the royal wedding together - she is one very early riser. Congratulations to your graduating Laurel - what a great celebration. Looks like I need to learn about pokemon if I'm going to be able to communicate knowledgeably with McKay.