Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

Easter is beautiful.

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered in Gethsemane for each of our sins and felt all the pain each of us would ever know. There are three distinct times in my life that I know the healing, comforting and understanding power of Atonement carried me through and I strive to obtain that strength everyday.

Then our Savior was crucified, the most brutal death for the worst criminals, but thief he was not.  McKay asks why bad guys wanted to kill Jesus, could you imagine his reaction if he were to understand that Jesus forgave even those bad guys? What a lesson for us to truly love those who do us wrong and to look toward our Savior and Heavenly Father to find courage to do so.

And now, he is Risen. He lives, all glory to his name.
I know that because our Savior rose on Easter morn, we will all be resurrected and we will be reunited with those we love. It wasn't until I lost my mom that I found deep joy in this promise.  When someone close to you leaves you behind, the truth found in the resurrection is the only thing that provides the hope you need to keep going.

I am so grateful I have a testimony of my Savior who is my Redeemer.  I know he suffered, bled and died for me and now reigns in Heaven. I know that families can be together forever through his sacrifice and restoration of the Gospel through Joseph Smith.  I cannot wait for the day when I greet my Savior and Heavenly Father along with my mom to fully see the hand they had in my life, for I could never doubt they were there.

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