Wednesday, March 14, 2018

YW update

On Sunday, there was such a sweet spirit as I taught the young women and I know Heavenly Father is blessing their lives. My two laurels opened up with what's heavy on their heart and we all shared tears and the words "I love you" as they left.  During our monthly fireside, a previous bishop shared stories of he and his wife's humble beginnings and how it's ok to for things to be hard, which may have been lost on the very affluent youth, but I appreciated the message. For mutual on Tuesday, we went to a Maternity home who shelters pregnant women and offers them a fresh start.  One mother opened up about her journey as being a mother of six, being homeless and is now pregnant as a result of being raped.  We could barely contain our emotion at her life and each young woman said they wanted to visit again. Tonight, the Stake Young Women's president and I will be visiting with a young woman  in preparation for our ward conference on Sunday and I'm sure the miamaid will teach us more than we prepared for her.  There are nights when I'll come home from spending time with the youth or Rich will come home from Wednesday night basketball (where a few young men play as well) and we'll just share our interactions with the youth-- we never have anything negative to say. This time of having young children while getting to rub shoulders with teenagers is truly a gift.

Being in Young women's, I'm away from my family a lot. The past two weeks, I've spent six nights with the youth. I couldn't serve in this capacity without Rich's help and understanding. But I will say, my time with the youth is never wasted. I have learned from them, witnessed miracles, seen hearts change and am inspired by each young man and woman in the Boulder ward. These youth have filled a void in my heart, I didn't even know I had.  Just as your heart grows with each child you bring into your family, my heart has grown for each of these teenagers. I was at a training and someone from the Stake was expressing concern for one of my young woman and I nearly pounced on the woman to defend my own.  At playgroup, a few moms expressed worry for the world our kids are growing up in and I couldn't help but share that I know a dozen young women living in today's world and they are as mighty as they come-- they truly are a chosen generation. 

When I express gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to work among such wonderful youth and leaders, my emotions always get the best of me. 
These young women have captured my heart and have become part of who I am. 

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