Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's day

What a day! And lucky for you, I captured it all.
My dear friend Deborah would do a project like this once a month and I decided to give it a try. My take on this venture is to photograph endless moment of the day, regardless of how mundane they are. It was a lot of work, but looking through the post I'm so glad I did it!

6:30am- wake up

7:30am- breakfast 

8:30am- haircuts 

9:30am- bath 

 gym until I had to come home to start a load of white laundry because I barely remembered I needed clean clothes to wear for the day.

 10:30am story time while mom washed her hair 

 11:00am chips on the way to McGuckins to watch one of my young women perform with her Celtic Steps dance company and to plant clovers.

12:30pm- Mom + McKay date to a birthday party at Jumpstreet! 

3:00pm- family walk  

4:45pm letters 

6:00pm dinner with Ashleigh and Ivanova

8:00pm I came home to sleeping angels  

and a husband who made brownie for the first time 

10pm calling it a night.

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