Wednesday, February 28, 2018

trip moments

^^a rough map of our trip.
Google maps wouldn't let me put all our stops in before we reached the max.
 I'd love to have seen the faces of the rental car workers when they saw the 5,305 miles we put on in ten days.

^^fresh peach ice cream from the side of the road in Georgia.  
My mouth is now watering.

^^Bass Pro in Memphis

^^cars on the beach in Jacksonville

^^BBQ and hushpuppies. 
We couldn't get enough.

^^riding in style

^^leaving New Orleans, this is what our map looked like, we've never see so many roads!

^^Orange beach in Alabama was my favorite. 
We even saw dolphins!

^^The famous Duke arena 

Now that we are home, and the whole trip has been blogged about our vacation is officially over.
Until next time America!

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