Monday, February 26, 2018

Home sweet home

After staying the night in Childress, Texas we drove 8.5 hours and pulled up to our apartment at 5pm. Crossing the state line into Colorado and seeing the Rockies for the first time was a proud moment. We love living where we do. But I'm pretty convinced we'd be happy (almost) anywhere.

In the past ten days, we drove a whopping 5,305 miles and visited 15 states!! Road trip of a lifetime for sure. As I’ve mentioned earlier, we were so impressed by all of the states and it was neat to experience all we did in such a short amount of time-- it truly made our country feel smaller. We learned more about the culture of each state than we ever dreamt possible.  In some tiny way, we feel a connection to each state now. It's fun to travel abroad, but there was something deeply satisfying about spending time falling in love with our own country. 

America is so wonderful. Sure we’ve got heartbreak and tragedies but as a whole the American people are incredible. We shared smiles, laughs, conversations, eye rolls, dinner tables, beaches, roads (lot of them), check out lines at Walmart, hot tubs, picture spots, and breakfast buffets, with strangers and I couldn’t help but feel love for this country and all the great people in it. 

Land that I love.

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