Sunday, February 25, 2018

Day ten

Our final day exploring. 

We woke up to a thunder and lightening storm which thankfully didn’t last but the rain did for most the morning. One of Rich’s best friends from college lives in Dallas so we went over to his house for breakfast and the kids went crazy over their dog. Reed became our tour guide for the morning and in McKay’s words “I like having this guy come with us”. Macey even reached to hold his hand a few times— so sweet. 

As Reed listed off options of what we could go and do, I told him my one request was to get a picture of the Dallas skyline. 

^^Here are the pictures I requested...ironically you can’t see the skyline at all. Weather was not on our side in Dallas. 

The rain continued to pour so we decided to head to the aquarium downtown. That place was so.busy! Like busier than any free day I’ve been too and the admission was far from free. But even with the masses, we had a great time.

For lunch we found ourselves at Torchy’s and were immediate fans of their tacos and queso. Our time with Reed came to an end early afternoon and we dropped him off feeling so grateful for the blessing of wonderful friends. 

The Fort Worth stock yards began calling our name when the sun came out and we met up with Emilye and Ben there. We made it in time for the “World’s only twice daily cattle drive.” Those longhorns are so impressive!! Walking (running + chasing each other) around, checking out the cattle and riding ponies was such a fun low key way to spend the afternoon with our favorite Texans. 

We finally tracked down a Braum’s for dinner then said our goodbyes (until June) to the Jacks. I’m so happy we were able to come visit their home + surroundings. 

...and for the last time we drove away into the sunset. 

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