Friday, February 23, 2018

Day eight

We splurged on our Hotel (paid $110/night compared to our typical
$70) and I’m so glad we did! Our room had a balcony facing the ocean, a huge (free) buffet breakfast, outdoor pool + hot tub on the deck above the beach and we literally walked down from that deck to the ocean. It was a bit windy but coming from Boulder we’ve gotten used to it—the 75 degrees sunshine felt incredible. The morning was spent bouncing between the pool, hot tub and the ocean, a perfect trio. Our stay in Alabama could not have been better. 

 let's not mention the kids' faces...


We painfully said goodbye to Orange Beach, ate lunch at The Shrimp basket, and hit the road. 

Louisiana was our next state and we headed right to New Orleans. We knew we’d be getting in close to sunset and frankly we were scared out of our minds to tour the city, especially that late in the day. Our first impressions getting downtown were ones of poverty and being back in Europe. Quite a phenomenon. Once we parked and started exploring our nerves calmed and we enjoyed ourselves. The asphalt right outside our car had seashells embedded in it— so cool! However, the hurricane that probably caused that is heartbreaking. 

^^where we found parking and the only place we felt comfortable setting up the tripod

^^Jackson Square

^^Bourbon street

 We found the Jackson square (where Louisiana was sold during the Louisiana purchase), strolled along the river walk and awed at the ships in the harbor, saw Louis Armstrong park. And finally, mustered up the courage to check out “the oldest street in America” —Bourbon street. We earned our beads by answering questions from a street vendor that came up to us. He also told Macey and I that we could keep our shirts on and still get beads, how thoughtful of him. 

By nightfall we were anxious to get out of the city so we found dinner a few towns away and enjoyed some fantastic gumbo. We’ve been so spoiled with good food this trip. 

and with fuel in our bodies + car we headed north. 
Natchez, Mississippi here we come! 

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