Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day five

After a rough start, our day had the best ending.

^^our experience in Shenandoah National Park
The fog blocked all the views on Skyline Drive and then we found out that the main road through the park was actually closed. We did get to experience the rolling hills and farmland of Virginia though, so we'll count that as the silver lining.

^^we were pretty bummed about our Shenandoah experience but these cookies lifted our spirits. 
We filled up the car and took the kids to the bathroom at a local gas station and as we left the sales clerk handed these cookies to the kids. Everywhere we go, people are so great.

After driving around Richmond and seeing the impressive Capitol building we headed south to see our 28th state:

^^big time college sport fan Rich showed us all around (via car) Duke and UNC-- the campus' were phenomenal!

A friend in my ward grew up in North Carolina and she gave us the best bbq recommendation- Smithefields! North Carolina is known for their vinegar bbq and it was delicious. Oh, and I could eat hushpuppies all day.

and finally we made it to my happy place.
The beach is my love language.
We got to Wrightville just after sunset but that didn't stop us from walking the coast looking for seashells in the dark. The humidity + warmth (70 degrees) was such a perfect welcome and i'm so glad we are here.

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