Friday, January 12, 2018


So glad it's finally Friday! 
It seemed to take forever to come but the weekend is here and we are all so happy.
 Since Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day, Rich has it off and we have a fun surprise planned for the kids but, until then we've got a low key couple days ahead.

Kicking the weekend off right::
^^ice cream for the girl who flooded one of our toilets (think inches of water on the floor) and caused water damage on the ceiling below

^^ice cream for the boy who jammed the Trolls soundtrack from the library into our cd drive in the car and broke the whole stereo.

and a date night for me + Rich!
Remember the friend of Rich's who is starting his own chiropractor clinic in Denver and who we've helped in ways that we could? Well, he treated us to the Cheesecake Factory on Pearl Street tonight (dessert included!) and if that wasn't enough, even paid for our babysitter.  We had a great time in Paul's company and felt very blessed by his generosity. 

Oh, and happy half birthday to me ;)

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  1. Yes, happy half birthday to you! Yikes - a damaged ceiling and a broken stereo are definitely not how you want to start a new year or a new month or anytime - so frustrating.