Wednesday, January 3, 2018

ice skating

This winter I discovered a new favorite activity-- ice skating!

I'm almost positive that the last time I was on skates was before I had kids, but we've had a few opportunities to get on the ice this season and I've fallen in love.  As boring as going round and around a rink may sound, it's extremely enjoyable to me and I can't seem to get enough. Unfortunately, no one in the family shares my new found passion and it's one of the few hobbies that satisfies only me. Thankfully the kids and Rich are great sports and manage to tolerate time on the ice.  

When I opened up a pair of ice skates on Christmas I couldn't want to use them. Some friends from the ward invited us to go skating with them today and I was so excited! I didn't put either kids in skates because I didn't want to constantly be by their side (shows the type of mom I am...) so they wore their boots and that was perfect. Macey is a little under the weather so she mostly sat and cried while I skated laps around here and McKay hung out with his buddies and was grinning ear to ear the whole time.  

 picture credit to one of the rink's finest tweens 

The weather was so nice, none of the negative temperatures of my hometown in Minnesota thank goodness! The rink was in downtown Louisville which is simply the cutest on it's own, but once you add this rink- there's no reason to leave!

Just a few more weeks until the Olympians put me to shame.

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