Saturday, January 27, 2018


Another Saturday, another ski resort.  
This time we headed to Breckenridge and enjoyed the "World's best snow sculptures" where there were 16 teams from India, Switzerland, Mexico, Italy, USA and other places who spent the past week sculpting 12 foot tall, 20 ton blocks of snow into art! It was pretty impressive to say the least. As we were leaving, the sculptures were all lit up with different colors-- a breathtaking sight!

There was an interactive sculpture which allowed the kids to play in, walk over a bridge and slide down -- easily McKay and Macey's favorite part:; 

^^as we were waiting in line for our bus shuttle back to our car this girl was making us all laugh. 

Even though you can't see any of the masterpieces in my pictures, it was remarkable to see the talents of others! In the warming room, there was a video showing how the artists made their pieces and then the video showed the bulldozers that come to knock down all their efforts at the end of the competition-- man, isn't that how we all feel sometimes? 

While some may think we are crazy for driving four hours round trip for this adventure--the time we spent together experiencing this new place and the chance we had to just talk and enjoy each other's company made it worth every minute.

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