Friday, December 8, 2017

Little Kids

McKay and I had the sweetest moment this morning. 
 I knew we would be driving to Boulder later in the day and decided that for our service we should bring some snacks to give to the homeless we typically see. I told McKay that some people don't have homes or food to eat and that we could give them some of our food. His reply put me in tears and touched my mommy heart

"I want to give the people without houses my red Darth Vader popsicles"

those same popsicles he won't share with me, his sister or best friends and yet, he wanted to give them to a stranger.  What an example of pure generosity, to give what he holds dearest. 

I did finally convince McKay that candy canes and oranges would be easier to hand out but we had the darnedest time tracking down someone to give them too! I told Rich it was pretty ironic because in the past when we've been stopped at the light where people typically hold their signs I'd avoid them at all cost, but when I had something to give them-- I couldn't find them! The kids and I drove around for nearly a half hour to circle back around and thankfully we did find an opportunity to roll down McKay's window, share a smile + hope, a little snack and the cutest "Merry Christmas" from the two best kids. McKay couldn't stop smiling and I've decided to keep our car stocked with goodies to share to those in need. It was such a neat experience to share with the kids and I look forward to making it more of a habit.

Once we picked up Rich we headed to Longmont where they had a perfect Jingle Bell event. Carolers, brass band, hot chocolate, huge fire, lights, balloon animals, carriage rides and we all got our faces painted! It started with the kids, and then I decided I wanted mine done and Rich couldn't be left out so he became our Rudolph-- so many giggles the whole night.

love + laugh like a child.

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  1. McKay's comment melts my heart - precious. Literally going the "extra miles" to give service - what Christmas cheer.