Saturday, December 2, 2017

Houses, hot chocolate and horses

A Saturday full of firsts.

Home Depot has a "kid club" the first Saturday of each month and we finally went.  They supplied everything to make wood gingerbread houses and it was such a fun morning as a family.

^^I doctored Macey's up, and McKay wanted a Star Wars house...

Rich then rented a cargo van from Home Depot, so he could load up two huge massage tables, office chairs and other supplies we've been accumulating in our garage and delivered them to Paul's chiropractor clinic. I was a bit annoyed about this whole ordeal at first and I'll be the first to admit that service isn't convenient but the end result always makes it worth it.
Skate with Santa was put on by some friends and I loved it!
Macey cried as soon as we put her skates on saying "too tight"
McKay wanted to be able to skate without anyone's help and you can imagine how that went and
Rich grew up in California + has put skates on less than a handful of times, mostly with me.
So a good majority of the afternoon was spent with Rich and the kids outside the rink eating cookies and hot chocolate while I skated around to my heart's content. 
I seriously had a blast!

^^so fun to see Santa on the ice! 
We got a family picture taken as well and will be mailed to us soon-- what a great event.

and a carriage ride + elf scavenger hunt at sunset finished off our day.

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