Friday, December 29, 2017

final 2017 moments

^^the kids' Christmas artwork

^^Macey playing in the baby doll cradle my dad made for me when I was her age.  

snow babies

^^unimpressed by the elephant 

^^what our nights have looked like once the kids are asleep. 
So far we've made it through Episode I,II,III and Rogue One of Star Wars.

^^excited for my 2018 fitness goals!
it's really this dark in the gym at 5:30...

^^McKay's books of choice.  If he only knew what we were watching when he was asleep...

^^Macey takes "bike lessons" with her Miles + his dad and it's adorable.

^^neighbor playdate

^^ without that crib!

^^enjoying some one on one time with McKay, it's not very often just he and I get out together so it's a special treat when it's just me and my boy.

See you later 2017!!

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