Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

In a lot of ways, this morning was a disaster. 

I reached out to a friend to provide a service I thought she would appreciate (it took me a lot of courage to offer) and she turned it down without a second thought.  
We all got ready for our formal Christmas Eve picture and Macey's hair was done but then she demanded to shower and was hysterical as I re-did her hair.
 That family picture was a nightmare as I dragged the family out in 11 degree weather and my vision of a beautiful snowy shot was shattered as more tears were shed.
 By 8:45 we made it to church.  A missionary gave her homecoming talk, along with the Spanish group leader-- neither of which mentioned the birth of the Savior and the room was tense. 
Church was only an hour so we came home and I made rolls for our dinner tonight --they didn't rise and then half of them burned in the oven.  
We decided to put Macey down for an early nap, and she never fell asleep so we were all enjoyed perma-tear Macey.

Finally, I embraced Rich and whispered what a disaster the day had been. Once I spoke those words, all our frustrations went away and we were filled with peace.

As I've reflected on the Savior and how he began his life's journey, I wonder if his idea of Earth life was different than his reality.  When he volunteered to come to Earth did he know he'd be born in a stable? To a man that wasn't his blood? That his family would become refugees? That he'd perform miracles no one believed he could? How isolating his ministry would be? That no one like him had come before or would follow after? Did he know what it would feel like for others to hate him so deeply their only solution was to crucify him? He may have known this all, but I like to think that he had days of unmet expectations just like me.

Even when we plan every minute of every day, we are still greeted with unknowns. I'm so grateful we have our Savior, the Son of God, to guide our hearts and lead us through the bad days and to remind us to focus on his goodness.

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