Sunday, November 12, 2017

YW president

Today I was sustained and set apart as the Young Women's President for our ward.

 I've never served in Young Women's before so everything is new to me, or way different from when I was a youth (a new value?!) In many ways I feel humbled and incapable but I also feel excitement and hope in the relationships and testimonies that will develop. Young Women's consists of girls aged 12-18, what a influential time! These six years can determine much of ones' future and I'm now an active roll in that, talk about intimidation! When the Bishop set up an appointment to meet with me, I knew this was the calling he was going to extend. I voiced my concern about being young, without a child in the youth program (the previous presidency all had daughters in yw), inexperienced working with the youth and how they need someone who knows what they are doing. His answer was that he could not deny that I needed to be called. He went on to say, that he and the Lord felt strongly that the youth of the ward see young moms in action. And finally that, these young women have wonderful mothers, and that they will always have their mothers' influence-- but the need for additional role models is present. 

Sitting in the temple yesterday, I noticed a beautiful bouquet of flowers and I couldn't help but notice that each one was unique in size, shape, color. I shared this idea during my first ever Young Women's lesson today and emphasized that what made the bouquet so beautiful was the variety of each flower, much like the variety of our young women.  Our youth go to four different high schools, many of which are the only members in their grade. The time we meet together on Sundays and Tuesdays, plus monthly firesides, stake activities, Temple trips, dances, Girls Camp (!!!) is when these girls are able to be strengthened and lifted by one another.  And I can't wait to get involved! 

I know I'll be guided along this journey by my Heavenly Father and my angel mother.  I have also been blessed with the best presidency I could have asked for. And as for the young women, I think I'll learn the most from them.


  1. Wow, bless your heart - that's wonderful for the young women in your ward! They will grow to love you if they don't already and hooray for having excellent counselors. Special prayers for you. With love, Ellen

  2. You will do amazing with them! You are the perfect person for them to look up to. Love you!