Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Mall of America

What trip to Minnesota is complete without a few hours at the largest mall in the United States?! Katie and I took the kids (minus Jack who had to go school...booo) for lunch and to play at the Lego store. Rich was even able to steal away from his conference to join us for an hour--it was perfect.

^^one thing led to another and all the kids ended up in the stroller, hah

^^Paw Patrol was conveniently on while the kids waited for their food.

^^Burgers fries from the Shake Shack and treats from Carlo's Bake shop brought us back to our NYC trip a few summers ago. 

We walked through the amusement park and stopped to watch a few cars go down the log chute-- that detour brought us to Lego land where McKay decided he wanted every Star Wars set and Macey wanted to grab and throw as many Legos as possible.

MOA you made for a fun day and helped Macey and Scott go down for a nap without a fight-- thank you!

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