Wednesday, October 25, 2017


While I'm working on the style of photographs I take I'm also focusing on quality not quantity. So if you notice less pictures on the daily blog posts and more on the 'moments' posts-- that's why. And to clarify, the weekly 'moments' posts include moments from the week that I don't feel need their own post, or I tried to focus the daily post by limiting pictures but still wanted the captured moment included somewhere. It's basically a weekly photo dump (from phone + camera) with minimal captions. 
Anyway, enough of an explanation that only Katie has asked me to give ;)
October 25th, and we were at the pool today! 
Temperatures hit 80 and while the wind felt like it was just as high we loved being at the pool with the Criste family. The four kids play so well together and I especially love seeing Macey trying to keep up with the big kids.

and it's my favorite when Macey shows up those said big kids!

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