Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

I haven't spent a Halloween in Minnesota since I moved away for college and wouldn't you know the first time we go back-- it's the coldest Halloween in 11 years! The kids loved spending the whole day with their cousins and now that they are all sleeping I can think back on how wonderful the good moments were and try to forget about all the tears and screaming...oh kids.

^^Spiderman + Bumblebee

^^Hey-Hey, Moana, Bumblebee, Spider-man, Maui 

^^Trick or Treating on main street in Prior Lake was a bit cold at 31 degrees

^^and the tears continued after coats were put on...

^^us + my older brother and his family.

^^Chief and 5/7 of the grandkids

^^shooting spider webs

Happy Halloween!

Venom, Spider-man, a bumblebee and the mom that's glad it's all over.


  1. That is SOO cold!! Wow! Our worst was when it was pouring rain the entire time and we learned quickly which candy wrappers were not water proof.

  2. We went trick or treating in Prior Lake too. It was pretty cold this year. So 5/7 grandkids????