Saturday, August 12, 2017


Today was a day I've been looking forward to for a while. 
 We've wanted to get to Rocky Mountain National Park since we moved here but with numerous trails only open in the summer and not being sure if it'd be best to bring the kids or not and with many other things planned on specific dates it took us six months but we're so glad we finally made it!

We drove about 90 minutes from our home to get to Bear Lake where we spent another 30 minutes looping around for parking-- thankfully we found a spot and our day could begin. Our final destination was Emerald Lake and there were two other lakes along the way. The total hike was 3.6 miles and the kids were on our backs the whole way, phew.

^^Nymph Lake with lily pads

^^the views were beautiful

^^Dream Lake
Macey hated the wind blowing her hair.

 finally to the top.
Emerald Lake!!

It started rain just as we were beginning to head back down so that was unexpected. The kids had "hoods" on their backpacks so they didn't care, but Rich and I got soaked. Walking down the mountain with the sound of thunder rolling wasn't the most comforting scenario either.

^^the girls.  
Macey took a nap most of the way down which was a nice break from the screaming she voiced most the way up.

^^the cutest boys on the trail

^^McKay's little body behind Rich's is the best thing ever,

^^Obviously this was my favorite spot for a picture-- I made us take three!

The hike was so gorgeous and I'm happy we made it to the top. And I'm glad we brought the kids (and the backpacks) they made for a more fulfilling trip + better workout!

Next, was Old Fall River Road.  This dirt, one way road was the first road to provide access to the interior of RMNP and is only open in the summer. The views were breathtaking.

^^here is us at the top of Old River Road at 12,000+ ft

^^we also took a potty stop there.  

On our descent, we took the Trail Ridge Road which is the highest paved road in any National Park. The views here were among the best we saw all day, but both kids were napping so we didn't stop for pictures seeing as how that went last time...

10 hours after leaving our home, we made it back to Boulder and decided to finish our evening out on the town. 
^^tried a new resturant

 and got cupcakes! 

and with smiles like these, I think it's safe to say today was a success.

Rocky Mountain National Park? Check.
and we do plan to go back.

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  1. Wow - phenomenal scenery and phenomenal workout. What an adventure!