Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Break

After Christmas, I finally convinced Rich to take some time off.  Most think that since he has graduated he is home-free until we move.  The truth is, he has two more papers he is trying to publish ASAP, is getting his feet wet in his Post-Doc research and the Federal Government has him busy filling out paperwork and holding our breath that President Trump doesn't invoke a Federal employee hiring freeze that would affect us...more on that later.

Anyway...we have enjoyed our time as a family to the max.  Here's what we've been up to::

^^Lots of visits to the mall thanks to the Bath & Body works sale and Aero's 90% discount.

^^Shades for Macey

^^Exploring Wal-Mart while mom talks smack to the most useless employees.

^^All I want is a matching fourth gold start basket! I had no idea how difficult it was going to be to achieve this goal.  Hopefully all goes well and our new cubicle organizer will be complete by the end of the week.

^^Reading books before bed.  I decided I never want to limit space for books, our hearts swell when all they want to do is read.

^^hanging out with baby Carmen when her parents were too cool for us.

^^family date to HuHot in Spanish Fork.  We've also ventured to Pizza Pie Cafe, Chom, and Noodles.

^^A car wash and as soon as it was over McKay said "let's do it again"

Not pictured::
Lots of Rich + Matt time
6am basketball
Shooting up Spanish Fork Canyon
Watching Sully and 24
Putting away Christmas decor
Selling our changing table
Bed frame painting
Finishing the Walk Series

As I've said to everyone who will listen, we have loved being in our own home this whole Christmas break, and enjoyable calm before the storm of moving and leaving everything we know.

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  1. Nice that you finished the Walk Series! I like your new cubicle organizer - wish you well in getting the 4th matching basket. Loved all the pictures of your family time during Christmas break.