Saturday, December 31, 2016

Noon Year's Eve

Provo Beach Resort hosted a Noon Year's Eve this morning.
I found out about this event the day before it happened, and I'm so glad we went! I haven't had that much fun ringing in the New Year since my Stake Dance days. There was a kid friendly DJ, free balloon animal artists and face painting. The idea to have the count down at noon was genius and I loved having the whole family participate.  Heck, stay our friends long enough and we may host a Noon Year's Eve party some day ;)

Oh yeah, and then I participated in a Hula Hoop contest.  I had no idea I was that good of a hula hooper, I even won passes (admit one) to Thanksgiving Point! Sorry these pictures are blurry.  I told my photographer (Rich) that next time I'm in a hula hoop contest he should put the camera in sport mode. 



Happy New Year!!

The Messerly Four

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