Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mom's celebration

Just wanted to post all the pictures/memories sent to honor my mom.

^^My mom's girlfriends at her grave

^^Bryan and his two boys.  Notice the suncatchers hanging, from all the grandchildren. 

^^The Gunnells

^^Minnesota Miglioris 


^^Messerlys (in Mexico!)

^^The Ruppe group

^^My mom's parents 

Tralynne’s 50th Birthday Celebration
50 Reasons why we love Tralynne

  1. When she tells you that when you find a deal on something, “That’s a tithing blessing”.
  2. When she said “Hi friend”.  She lived it and you felt it as her friend.  She was so warm and concerned for you.  It’s a simple greeting, but it packed a punch coming from Tralynne.  It still makes me tear up when I hear her voice in my head.- Cindy
  3. She sent me packages for every holiday since moving away. She would include things (socks, pillowcases, placemats, cookie cutters) for my roommates, home teachers, and later my husband and kids. The miles never seemed that far, I always knew she was thinking about me. And they were never delivered late, ever. - Erica
  4. When she would write you a thank you note. She was always prompt, sincere and so thoughtful. And she had the best handwriting -so neat and precise, just like her! Her notes always made me feel loved and reminded me of the enduring importance of sending a handwritten thank you. -Stacey
  5. She knew how much I hated camping and it was the year that I needed to go with the stake for a whole week.  Naturally, I was dramatic about it and must’ve complained to her.  She came to church the day before I was supposed to leave with a pillowcase (that she made herself of course!) filled with diet dr pepper, peanut butter m&m’s and a cute note.  It was such a thoughtful gift.  She’s sent me many notes throughout the years which i’ve continued to find - I can’t get through them without tearing up.  She was the first one to come up to me and welcome me to the ward.  In fact, she was so friendly to me I think I actually said “do you know me”? And she said she didn’t with a laugh, but I think I might have run into her before this life.  Maybe everyone feels that way about Tralynne.  I miss her and I think of her often.  I am so grateful to know her and grateful to have the chance to have loved her while she was here.  - Marla
  6. One night, I got a text from Tralynne.  It said ‘bring me a big, juicy burger’.  I was like ok, I can do that and then I texted back and asked her what kind and apparently a rascal named CHIEF had stolen her phone & was texting me.  This was especially hilarious because the three of us had a discussion about her cravings while she was going through chemo.  She said that she wanted a hamburger and instead they had crackers and cheese.  I said to her look, friend, if you ever have a craving, I will drop everything and bring you a burger!  This still makes me laugh!  - Marla
  7. I miss a hundred things about her big and small! She had a gift for making me feel “noticed.” She was always one to call and say have a great vacation or how was your trip. Just being diagnosed with cancer for about a month and starting chemo she text me the week of Sam’s wedding and reminded me to enjoy it. I miss her noticing the details of my life and making me feel like they mattered to her. ~ Hope
  8. It always cracked me up a little when she would say she was “flus-trated “ with something. Can't you just hear her? -Stacey
  9. Her WINK! She used it to emphasize something she was saying that was a tad sassy. It feels like you are a special friend when you get the wink!~Laurie
  10. There was never a holiday that she missed. I would get a phone call for my anniversary, birthday ,Easter, etc…..Karri
  11. Tralynne was particular in everything she did, even down to the way she perfectly signed her name.  In those times when you have to sign it multiple time for like a house loan. She carefully signed T R A L Y N N E.  I miss it! - Daniel
  12. She is the only person I didn't need a reason to call to have a conversation. There are so many memories of calling her with nothing specific to say and magically we would end up on the phone together for hours. My phone buddy is truly one of the things I miss most. -Erica
  13. Aww- Tralynne so many memories!!  We served in YW together for several years.  We went to camp together as well.  She was always efficient and prepared and totally organized.  What a joy to serve with her.  Our boys went on missions within 2 weeks and when it was Landon’s 1 year mark; sure enough she remembered and called me!!  She would drop off amazing cookies and visit for no particular reason.  At the end of our first  year of teaching seminary; Stacey and I found a little treat and a note on our card.  It was anonymous but I’m pretty sure it was from Tralynne.  She was a good friend and I miss her everyday.  Stephanie
  14. When I first met Tralynne about 6 1/2 years ago, I was immediately drawn to her exuberant personality and beautiful smile. I soon became aware of her compassion for others and devotion to the Savior and His gospel.  Tralynne's handwritten note that arrived in my mailbox in the midst of her suffering during cancer treatments, left a lasting impression with me. I kept her note as a reminder of true charity - in Tralynne's extenuating circumstances she continued to reach outward in gratitude. With love, Ellen Messerly
  15. My strongest memory of Tralynne was when I first met her, and how she immediately was warm and kind to me. She was bright and happy. Her smile was like basking in the warm sun. I remember walking away from our first meeting, and every meeting after, feeling uplifted and refreshed. She said something so kind to me, that I have always remembered it, and exactly how her face looked as she said it. She said, “Thank you for being such a good friend to my daughter. I am so glad she has you. Since I live far away, it’s nice to know she has someone like you close by.” Her eyes were filled with compassion and sincerity. I remember saying that I was the lucky one to have such a good friend in her daughter. It’s obvious that Tralynne was such a great example to her children on how to be good people, faithful members of the church, strong family members, and loyal friends. She continues to live on, and, while we wait until we meet her again, we can see her and hear her through her own children. -Brooke Nielsen
  16. I met Tralynne in 7th Grade and even all those years ago she knew the secret of being a friend. She instinctively knew that a smile and a listening ear could make the difference and was always ready to give both! ~ Sherry
  17. Every year on the day after Thanksgiving we could rely on receiving the first Christmas card of the season from Tralynne! She set the standard for melting the miles and years away with her beautiful Christmas letters and keeping old friends up to date with her sweet family. ~Sherry
  18. Her love of good music.  I miss coming to the house and hearing beautiful music playing.  Sometimes she would be quietly singing along, but often it was just playing in the background filling their home with peace
  19. Her laugh
  20. Her love of angel food cake
  21. The baby blankets she made for my kids
  22. She may not be very adventurous, but she did love the outdoors and having a beautiful yard and garden and going for walks
  23. The Christmas letters she always made us write...and that she knew to give me a deadline so I would actually get it done :)
  24. Her diligence in writing weekly blog updates to keep the family connected
  25. The family scrapbooks that she painstakingly made
  26. Making crafts or just her company during the Priesthood session of General Conference
  27. Her example in faithfully serving in any church calling
  28. Her phone calls, just because she cared to know about the little things in our life
  29. Miss seeing her read to, play with, and just love on the grandkids
  30. Seeing that it was one of her goals to babysit for us so we could have date nights and go to the temple
  31. Sometimes when we were together we could just vent about stuff...I don’t think it made us fester on grievances, but sometimes just having someone to share something with was just the perfect release - to feel heard and then be able to let things go
  32. She was the most meticulous, thorough planner.  Even more than me so I especially appreciated someone that cared about even the small details
  33. Help and hard work - and never complaining - with fixing up both of our houses
  34. persisting in getting family pictures done
  35. taking the kids shopping for birthday shoes
  36. matching Christmas pajamas
  37. sending our boys off on hunting and fishing adventures
  38. Her giggles and laughs watching Jingle All the Way
  39. I always thought her nativity collection was really neat.  And that she love must have loved them so much to seek out finding new and interesting ones on various trips
  40. The faith and courage that I never saw waiver after getting the cancer diagnosis
  41. I actually don’t want to forget seeing my kids going for walks with grandma at the hospital.  They loved her so much and didn’t see cancer
  42. But it still makes me laugh thinking about how she would “grade” her pain scale
  43. Knowing how much she loved and sacrificed for family...and seeing it pay off in having such good of whom I’m particularly fond of
  44. Her ability to forgive me for my many shortcomings
  45. I’m amazed by how many lives she touched.  I know she was busy helping and serving so many people and yet when you were together she was present and made you feel like that really was the most important thing she could be doing at that moment
  46. I miss Tralynne's laugh. It was contagious and made me happy! I could always pick it out in a crowd. I also miss the twinkle in her eye that you would see when she was up to something, and that wink! I miss talking on the phone with her and hearing the latest about her family, her most cherished treasure, for sure. And when we would finally get to see each other, her hugs. Nothing like a Tralynne hug!! She was a special lady! Vickie
  47. miss her calling me to say how are you, she listened, she cared , she sympathized . She called on my birthday , even if I was not home she left a message, and I loved her laugh.. She was really a great sister in law to me. Janice
  48. The surprise and honor I felt the day she told me of a way I could serve her.  She was always serving others while being fiercely self reliant herself.
  49. She couldn’t sit still… if she was awake, she would be cleaning and tidying and if she wasn’t she’d be taking one of her naps. On or off. -Craig
  50. I loved it when she would call Craig and me and always start with, “hey you!”-Rebekah
  51. When Craig and I got married she organized my whole kitchen and her and chief helped us move everything into our new apartment. She was always doing nice things for us like that!
  52. I love how close she is to the spirit- always knew what to say to make you feel uplifted
  53. I love that she called her mother in law Sue whenever she was ironing
  54. She was always one of the first people to offer the hand of friendship through handshakes or hugs
  55. I loved hearing her say her name and that her Mom said it was like singing “Tra la la la la…” --------------------------------------------------------

We miss you mom!


  1. Oh man.. I've seen the photos trickle in on Facebook, but seeing them compiled like this makes the tears start again. Maybe I should start a "hey you" journal too...miss hearing that and being able to tell her things.

  2. Reading these 50+ things there are so many of them that I agree with! Your mom was amazing and one of a kind! I can't wait to see her again someday!