Sunday, December 4, 2016


A few moments from our week

^^Playing at the mall. I saw that aeropostale was going out of business and I found some pants that I wanted Rich to try on.  We managed to all get to the mall so Rich could try on the pants for his new job and then we found a few shirts (all 70% off).  As I saw my husband looking amazing in the new clothes, there were so many emotions, I started to cry. It was surreal knowing these clothes were for his new position, in a new state and a new life for our family.  Then, I was feeling so blessed with the deals we found (including a snazzy pair of leather brown shoes; watch out Boulder!), which always reminds me of my mom and it sucks so bad that I can't text her about what we scored. 

^^Macey and daddy's floss.  She is obsessed and it drives Rich crazy, hah!

^^There have been so many moments lately where these two have played so well together and it's about the best thing a mother can witness. No doubt they will be eachother's best friend when we move.

^^an exact illustration of how her hair looks every morning.

^^Rich has been working so hard at reading to McKay in Spanish and recently McKay started saying "read not in Spanish" hahaha. Rich was defeated. 

^^See's Candies chocolate suckers from Santa

^^Date night consisted of Five Guys, Cold Stone, kid bedtime at 6:30 and me finishing another book while Rich edited his dissertation.

fascinated by electricity 


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  2. Bravo that you found such amazing deals on clothes!! Very exciting! Your blog has always been excellent in helping us keep up with family happenings, but I'm even more grateful for your blog now that we live some distance away so "face to face" conversations aren't possible. Well, I guess there is Facetime, but I think you know what I mean. Love you!

  3. 1) So excited for you scoring good deals! That's the best! And I'm so sorry for the sorrow of not being able to tell your mom :(
    2) Reassure Rich to keep trying with Spanish! My brother-in-law spoke Spanish on his mission & has had similar struggles with kids with trying to teach them. But he's kept at it & they are pretty much fluent & bi-lingual at ages 2 & 4! He had to bribe with mini marshmellows & treats as a reward when they'd work with him during those push back months, haha!