Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jacks in town

We've had some fun with the Messerly the past couple days, especially with Emy and Ben visiting from Texas!

^^Grandma E sent M&M a video of her making a snowman out of pillows (since there is no snow in Mexico) so McKay made one too! Later versions had a scarf, sock nose and a baby.

^^chewing on her boot's zipper on the way to Springville. That girl.

^^cousins hanging out

^^Ben, tiny McKay, Emy and Macey watching cousin Brady sled into a tree.

^^The muddie buddies I made were Elena approved

^^Macey attacked Rich's childhood cassettes.

^^testing out the sport setting on the camera.  Fast moving = not blurry!

^^older brother giving Emy a hard time

We love Aunt Emy and Uncle Ben!


  1. Macey chewing on her boot zipper pretty well embodies much of my motherhood experiences, haha! Seriously kids? What are you doing?! haha!

  2. Your muddy buddies are delicious - Elena has the right idea!