Saturday, December 3, 2016

December kick-off

Well, December is upon us and there is so much celebrating to do. First and foremost, our celebration is centered around our Savior and the life he lived and the sacrifice he made to make all our blessings possible. Then, the celebration of family has especially been on my mind lately.  I want my kids to grow up and remember all the fun moments we had together, I want them to know I (mostly ;) love spending time with them and when the four of us are together I feel like we can conquer anything.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth and life of our Savior and I can't think of a more fulfilling present to him than loving my family. 


This afternoon, we ventured out to the Provo Christmas Market and then Seven Peaks' Winter Wonderland. It's such a treasure to be so close to countless fun events!

Provo Christmas Market
^^Checking out the reindeer 

deciding they need a sled-dog in their lives

^^crafts with google fiber

^^sending German love to our Nadja.

Seven Peaks

Wishing you comfort, peace and happiness this December!

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