Sunday, December 18, 2016

Chalk Paint

With moving on the horizon and a new space to decorate, I've decided to take on some projects. It started with a trip to AprilJames in Spanish Fork to pick up my first can of Annie Sloan chalk paint. Since then, I've painted two dressers and a bookshelf with at least two twin bed frames to go.

^^matching dressers a couple in the ward were giving away

^^and they are perfect for the kids room!!

^^bookshelf from Sherry's house
^^Not exactly sure where to put it or what to store in it until we move, but for now it's in our main room.  Heaven knows we are running out of space!

It's been kindof fun having these project to keep us busy once the kids are down.  Who knew Rich would be a master at waxing (the final step)?? Since I don't have the patience after two coats of paint, I'm glad I have him!

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