Sunday, November 20, 2016

Macey 15 months

Height:: 31.5 inches (78.59%)
Weight 23 pounds 5 ounces (77.15%)

Eating:: Macey is still a big girl, but her appetite isn't a large one.  She will eat a few pieces of something and then be done. Milk in her sippy cup and snacks (fruit snack, string cheese, pretzels, popcorn, yogurt, bananas, apple sauce, and cottage cheese) are her favorites. If she sees you eating something she will come and beg for it, but she rarely eats it. Sometimes when she is fussy, simply giving her something to eat is the cure.
Sleeping:: Around 12 hours at night from 6:30pm-6:30am is her typical schedule with 1-2 naps a day usually resulting in 3 hours of nap-time. 
Temperament:: If she had all the attention, no one to push her around and access to anything she wanted she would be the happiest little girl. However, she does have an older brother and there are rules so she can get quite upset.  Lately she has been throwing her head back or laying flat on the ground to show her frustration. On the other hand, she can be so content playing by herself/hanging out in her crib, especially after waking up.  She doesn't use many words yet, but McKay was delayed in this area too, so we aren't too concerned.  She loves babies and easily makes friends.  She is yet to go through a separation anxiety stage and we pray the nursery will take her in early.

first behind the head placed pig tails
first french braid
exclusively walking
First hair cut (trim by Sherry)
11 teeth
eats with utensils
reaching hand out to demand something
enjoys coloring
first movie theater experience (Finding Dory)

Can you believe this girl is 15 months?! I can, and I love it ;)

^^another day, another fit worth laying on the ground about

^^Mess made by Macey

We love our Macey Lynne and it's wonderful to see her blossoming. 

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  1. Happy 15 months to Miss Macey - she has the cutest hairdos and such an adorable face and smile!