Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Jack's Birthday Party

For the past few weeks McKay has been asking when we get to go to Jack's birthday. Well, today was the day! We meet up with both sets of Jack's grandparents, his family and a friend then played kickball and ate pizza + dessert. It was such a fun celebration and it was super awesome that we were in town!
^^the 6 year old!



Happy Birthday Jack, we love you!!


  1. Fun birthday gathering for Jack! I guess at one point things were not to Macey's specifications - evidenced by her sobbing. She does not leave you in the dark about how she's feeling. Glad McKay is having so much good bonding time with his cousins.

  2. Jack's birthday was so fun. Thanks a lot for this wonderful post with us. It is my desire to host such an enjoyable party for my daughter. Her 5th birthday is coming in February so I might throw birthday party at one of the local event Venues in San Francisco.