Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Elsa + Santa at the Mall

Since McKay says his t-shirt is "warm and cozy" he is refusing to wear any type of jacket or sweatshirt.  This isn't really conducive to the winter wonderland Provo has created for us but until he commits to wearing something warming we won't be playing in the snow. So let me know if you have any inside ideas!

On Monday, we headed to the University mall. The kids had a great time but once Elsa, unknowingly, walked in the magic happened. McKay walked right up to her and smiled bigger than I can ever bribe him for:

Meanwhile, Macey decided she loved hanging on the bar and almost did a pull-up!
Then on Tuesday, McKay requested to go back to the mall park.

^^when this kids requests food, his wish is our command!

^^Meeting Santa. On Instagram, I posted about how it isn't even December yet and my kids already met with Santa but I'm finally realizing what a magical time of year it is, especially for kids and I'm just going to embrace it all!

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