Sunday, December 17, 2017

drops in the bucket

The single song the primary sang in sacrament
An introduction I've been meaning to make for months
A sincere compliment from a group of women I admire
Staying in Primary until the teachers arrived
Sharing tears and a hug with a friend
The nod of an understanding listener
Involvement in a meeting that mattered
Labeling Ward Christmas cards for the Bishopric
Seeing grandparents through Facetime
Attending a birthday party of a near stranger
Making home-teaching happen

Today was filled with a lot of little moments and that's what our family seems to thrive on. 

" small and simple things, shall great things come to pass"

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Winter Park

Winter Park has been on our list of places to check out since we heard so many great things about it. A few friends have gone up to cut their own Christmas tree, which we want to do next year.  Another family raved about the tubing at the Resort, and other kid friendly activities. You need to be 46 inches to go tubing so we didn't participate in that, but loved the Resort all the same. We were going to visit with Craig and Rebekah when they are out at the end of the month but we couldn't find a day that would work and then we planned on going next weekend but the high was suppose to be 16...that left us with, today. And a fantastic day it was.

I have a few photographer friends and we've all agreed that the best feeling is capturing the picture you imagined in your head, it's such a satisfaction! I've been envisioning an evergreen tree + snowy family picture for weeks and I'm pretty pleased with what we got::

^^trying to get out of the snow

^^ "the snow is in my boot" 
"cold! cold! cold!"
"this is ridiculous, let's be done"
"but...this will be a really good lifestyle shot"

after we got back to the car, warmed up and I allowed everyone to put their winter gear on, we headed to the Resort. There was a free gondola/ski lift that we took from the parking lot to "the Village" and the kids loved it. You could see through the bottom of each carriage and the kids giggled while riding over cars, tubers, trees and the road.

^^Rich in his classic worried, but I'm not going to say anything, but are you sure this is safe, the kids could fall out, who decided these were a good way to get to point B from point A, how many people have died on one of these, well the kids seem to like it, I guess it's not too bad...the things I do for my wife face

The Village had so much for us to explore! A playground, xylophone stations, sledding hills, ice skating, fire rings, all for free and all for a perfect snowy day trip.

I've decided that all I need in life is a warm, sandy beach or a ski resort.

Note: Amidst all our fun, we did fit in service for three of our neighbors today-- too far in to miss a day now!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Weekend kickoff

We have been having the best weather lately. So much so, the kids wore short sleeves to the zoo today and all the animals were out basking in the sun. When we bought our zoo pass we decided to upgrade the membership so we could bring another adult + their children in for free each visit.  This has turned out to be awesome and we've very rarely gone without friends. Our service for today was to invite the Nash family with us and their service was to be such wonderful playmates! Our boys are weeks apart in age and are such balls of energy when they are together, Macey adores Miss Charlotte and I love any chance I get to spend time with Deborah so it was a wonderful morning all around.

Today was also our date night! We book our babysitting for a night each month, several months in advance-- that way we never miss a night out. Rich and I did some final Christmas shopping and went to dinner, which was exactly what we needed. Typically, we are home by 7:30pm, just after the kids are asleep and then we still have the night to ourselves-- we have it all figured out if you ask me. When we left the kids it was barely 4:30 so we were able to sneak in this shot before all the sunlight was gone::

Thanks for being mine, babe.
I love you so much we can watch each of the Star Wars movies in order until we catch up to the new one.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A look at Thursdays

Macey and I have found a pretty prefect routine for our Thursdays while McKay is at school. We do chores around the house before getting to the library for storytime + checking out new books. Then we head to Costco for the samples and an item or two and hit up the food court where we split the hotdog and save the bun for McKay.  If we are feeling really crazy we get a churro as well. 
And by one o'clock we make it to McKay's school.  

Today we had a special purpose at the library-- to donate a toy.  Macey happily put the puzzle in but wanted to take a doll out ;) I had to explain that what's in the box stays in the box and is delivered to those who need it.  Thankfully, the fish tank distracted her and all was well.

I'm off to an ornament exchange tonight where according to the guest list, I'll be the youngest in attendance by nearly 15 years and I can't wait to be in their presence-- I must be an old soul!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A day for my mom

 making angel food cake in my mom's honor-- something she did every year for her own birthday

Today has been a whirlwind of emotions and just as I would be doing ok I'd get a text or even a delivery of flowers that would move me to tears. Thank you to everyone who reached out!

As Rich and I visited a less active young woman and her nonmember, non-English speaking mother tonight I couldn't help but notice the hardships in their life.  The father was deported four years ago and they haven't seen him since.  The mother works difficult hours in a manual labor job.  Their apartment is tiny with meager furnishings. But the love we could feel in that home was inspiring. I couldn't communicate without Rich being my translator but there were emotions felt amidst the language barrier that confirm to me God loves us all.
My mom was such a great example of loving those who needed it the most. Wayward youth, fellow cancer patients, family members who lost their way, and families like we visited tonight were touched by her genuine compassion. What a woman!
While my heart breaks my mom isn't here, I know she wouldn't have wanted us to spend her birthday crying or dwelling on her absence so we made sure to have fun in her memory.  We checked out the new Boulder Library park which was fantastic, then all took naps (which she did daily!), made it to our apartment complex Red & White Gala with a bounce house + sleigh ride and are now ready to laugh the night away with her favorite Christmas movie "Jingle all the way"

We love you mom!!!
Happy Birthday.