Friday, April 19, 2019


^^Cool kids on the way to story-time 

^^Walmart has it all

^^Dollar store coloring books are always a hit

^^watching Babe and eating popcorn + pizza at movie night at the library 

^^napping queens

^^literally a queen

^^she begged to wear her floaties...until we got to the pool

^^give Macey all the babies

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

McKay Boy

For some reason Macey tends to be around more when the camera comes out, but it's just cruel to keep this handsome face hidden! 

Our boy is all about his friend Frankie, the color green, playing catch with a frisbee, soccer ball, or volleyball with his daddy, TMNT, Power Rangers, popcorn, School Skills at Lifetime, comfy clothes, spending hours playing with his sister and then terrorizing her the rest of the day, climbing, coloring, going to the library, chicken fries, play dates, and learning flips. He's still such a good natured kid but we could do without the whining. He isn't involved in any organized sports and that's our plan until he decides otherwise. He gets along with just about anyone (there is one girl he completely clashes with) and he favors older kids that treat him as an equal. He is going to love kindergarten and I've told him Macey and I will come to his class + eat lunch with him and that was pretty exciting. Much to his father's shugrin, McKay has a little daredevil in him and is always trying to test the limits between his father's worries and mother's free roam attitude. Recently, he's been starting each day by asking "what are the fun plans for today?" once I say our itinerary for the next five hours he'll say "and then what?" He's the best. 

He's been asking lots of questions of what certain words mean and we've been doing our best to encourage his curiosity to continue to ask us because we all know what's going to hit the fan when he starts school in one of the most liberal districts in the country. 

A few of our friends have been baptized lately and it's not until I sit behind McKay as his watches a peer enter the waters that I realize how much he is learning + growing + trying his hardest to be a good son of his Heavenly Father. 

In many ways our whole family tries to be more like McKay.

Love you big guy.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Local Influencer

Say hello to your newest Local Influencer!
I've been seeing #lfthx #organicad all over my Instagram from my Utah friends for months and found out it recently expanded to Colorado! If you have over 100 followers, you simply sign up here, then you pick deals you would be interested in and if the company picks you back you have 30 days to redeem the offer and post a picture + review. I will say it's taken me out of my comfort zone, required me to use hashtags and be seen on facebook again BUT we've scored free crazy bread and a whole meal at Mad Greens so I'd say it's worth it ;)

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Elitch Gardens

Our first day of the season at Elitches Amusement park in Denver is in the books!

They had a season pass preview weekend and even though it was 40 degrees and the line to activate our passes took nearly an hour, it was worth it because we scored our fourth guest ticket.  The kids both qualified for free Pre-K passes since they are under six which means we only paid $70 for  admission of me and the kids to the amusement + water park all season long and Rich can join us four times for free. It's no POAP, but still a great deal.

Once we got in the park the kids were in heaven.  They enjoyed it last year, but I can already tell how much better it'll be this time around. They ran from ride to ride and had the biggest smiles.  On one of the kid roller coasters Macey and I rode in front of McKay and I'll never forget turning around to look at him and seeing pure joy on his face. What a memory and I plan to repeat it all summer long.

Friday, April 12, 2019


Growing up in Minnesota, living in Utah for nearly a decade and now working on our third year in Colorado you'd think I'd be a bigger fan of the snow by now.  

We spent Monday and Tuesday afternoon outside at our pool and as luck would have it, Wednesday presented us with a blizzard.  

^^How we all feel about waiting 4.5 months to see the Rockies play the Braves since the game we had tickets for was cancelled due to the storm. Booo.

but at least we got to enjoy snow cones for (hopefully) the last time this season.