Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Grandma T

Two years ago, Macey and I spent nearly three weeks in Minnesota soaking up every last moment with my mom. When we arrived, my mom was bedridden but still had smiles, hugs and energy to read to my little girl who was eight months old at the time. As my mom declined, I would put Macey on the bed with her and pull up the hospice bed-railing.  I needed my little girl to spend as much time with her grandma as possible. 

Our Macey is such a fun + fiesty lady and what I wouldn't give to share her with my mom.  I wish I could send my mom a video or Facetime her when Macey is singing and dancing to Barney.  I wish I could hear her laugh at Macey's snarl face.  I wish my mom could come to the pool with us and have a panic attack when Macey jumps with no fear into the deep end.

 Above all, I wish my mom could hold me and Macey and tell us we are both her girls one last time.

It breaks my heart knowing this cutie will grow up without any memory of her Grandma T.

Monday, March 19, 2018

postdoc update

A few weeks ago Rich was in a meeting at work and they were going over Government funding for their project and NIST in general.  After the meeting, Rich's supervisor and a few co-workers made it very clear that Rich should have something else lined up once he is done with his postdoc since they simply won't have funding to keep him on.  There is another branch he could work for in Boulder, a NIST sister-site in Maryland, National Labs in Tennessee and New Mexico, plus a few international options and on top of that Rich comes home each day with more possibilities. It's quite impressive to see how deep his connections run and to realize how accomplished he truly is. 

Currently, the top priority is for him to continue to gather his data, publish two papers, attend a handful of upcoming conferences and prep for an intern that'll be under his care this summer.  In addition to that, decide on the next step in his career (and for our family) starting in early 2019. 

Wherever our next adventure is, I'm confident there will be plenty of time building forts, eating popcorn in our jammies, watching Paw Patrol as a family and loving every minute.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's day

What a day! And lucky for you, I captured it all.
My dear friend Deborah would do a project like this once a month and I decided to give it a try. My take on this venture is to photograph endless moment of the day, regardless of how mundane they are. It was a lot of work, but looking through the post I'm so glad I did it!

6:30am- wake up

7:30am- breakfast 

8:30am- haircuts 

9:30am- bath 

 gym until I had to come home to start a load of white laundry because I barely remembered I needed clean clothes to wear for the day.

 10:30am story time while mom washed her hair 

 11:00am chips on the way to McGuckins to watch one of my young women perform with her Celtic Steps dance company and to plant clovers.

12:30pm- Mom + McKay date to a birthday party at Jumpstreet! 

3:00pm- family walk  

4:45pm letters 

6:00pm dinner with Ashleigh and Ivanova

8:00pm I came home to sleeping angels  

and a husband who made brownie for the first time 

10pm calling it a night.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018


The other day it hit me that in 2.5 years both kids will be in school (!!) if things go as currently planned, McKay will start kindergarten fall of 2019 and Macey the following year in 2020. Suddenly my time with them seems so short.  The kids and I have so much fun together, I can't even picture what my days will look like without them. I'm of the opinion that kids make everything better- harder as well- but also better. I mean it's not like you can go to a park for three hours and just hang out without kids. So in between the tantrums about not getting the extra popsicle, endless consequences for being mean, episodes of Super Wings, nap times cut short and demands at the grocery store I plan to enjoy our carefree time together.

^^As cute as that face is, he's had to learn some tough lessons about being nice to everyone even if you don't enjoy being around them.  We've also had conversations about strangers and how to say "no" regardless of if others are doing it. Having said all that, he has become quite affectionate lately and will give me kiss, hugs and say 'I love you' unprompted. During his nighttime routine he'll ask for "a story in your head" and wants you to create one-- which obviously Rich is a pro at. Pre-school is going well for him, but his teacher would like us to practice writing his letters at home, but honestly? We'd both rather him play outside.
 Love our McKay boy.

^^This girl. I'm glad I have someone to buy an Easter dress for and braid their hair, but I could deal without the drama of this little lady.  The other day she was furious that I wouldn't open a jar of pickles while we were shopping but whenever I come home from the gym she opens the door for me, gives me the biggest hug and says "love you momma." I'm not mommy to her anymore, just momma and I think it's adorable. She has the cheesest fake laugh and loves to use it.  For the most part her and McKay share friends but there are a few that are just her's and they are her favorites.  On Tuesdays we head to the bike park with her pal Miles and they tear it up. She loves story time and will sing the new songs all the way home. And just yesterday as Costco she said she wanted a "hot dog, churro and ice cream." This girl is living the dream and we (mostly) love living it with her.