Sunday, July 15, 2018


As we were hiking Mt. Elbert, we passed a man and he said something to me that I can't stop thinking about.  He said, you look 


I've decided I don't only want to be physically strong enough to hike a mountain.  I want to be emotionally strong enough to perhaps make the biggest move of our lives in eight months. I want to continue to be strong when another birthday passes and I don't get a call or card from my mom. I want my testimony to be strong enough to help in the final Gathering of Israel. I need to be strong in my marriage and actively put Rich's needs first. It takes strength every day to be filled with patience and compassion for my two children.

Becoming strong takes time and hard work, but the result can be so obvious even a stranger can sense it. Here's to being strong regardless of how difficult it is.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


What a perfect day.

As my final birthday celebration, I wanted the family to go to Elitches Amusement park. My season pass came with a free buddy pass and that made it possible for the four of us to enjoy a whole day at the park. The kids did so great! They walked to each ride, patiently waited in line (we went on a Saturday mind you), and had no fears with the new thrills.  We even skipped naptime and stayed until 3:30pm with no complaints-- now that's living!

I did some research with height requirements and found two legit rides we could all do together that weren't in kiddieland! We did Ship Wreck Falls and Disaster Canyon both of which were awesome and plunged us into the water. McKay said his favorite ride of the day was bumper cars, but then I reminded him of the Ship Wreck Falls and he broke out in the biggest smile. Seeing the four of us screaming, giggling and holding on for dear life were moments of pure joy. Man, it was just the best.

Rich and I took turns riding on Tower of Doom and after we adjusted to walking on solid ground after a 250 foot drop we decided we need to go back without the kids and do all the 42" plus rides (minus the spinning and swirling ones ;) Can't wait until September to redeem another free pass!

It seems like everyone has told us recently that our kids are just at the best age and we totally agree. I mean we did spent five hours at an amusement park, without a stroller, potty accidents, naps, bottles, bulky bags, and hardly any tears-- Messerly Four at Elitches was a success.

Friday, July 13, 2018

birthday celebrations

^^Last night, Rich came home with stuffed crust pizza + McKay thought of, asked for and bought this bouquet of flowers for me, annnd we were all asleep by 8pm-- a perfect ending to an intense day! 

^^ Somehow I managed to get a date night on top of everything else! I reserved a babysitter but Rich did the rest.  He arranged timing with the babysitter and planned the date.  I loved seeing him stress about finding where the babysitter lived, talking with her parents at the door, needing to fill the car up but rushing to beat traffic, calling the restaurant to put us on the waiting list, and wanting to find something specific to do for "Friday the 13th", I truly felt like my man was taking complete control of the date and I loved it! 

Rich took me to downtown Denver and we ate dinner on the 16th street mall, outside on a perfect summer evening. Dessert was at Voodoo Donuts which was the Friday the 13th connection. I kept saying over and over again how perfect the date was and I meant it.

28 may just be the best year yet.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Since we moved to Colorado and I found out what a 14ner was, I wanted to hike one. However, getting up to 14,000 ft above sea level is no easy task with two small children-- last summer we compromised with Mt. Evans, which is a 14ner you can drive all the way to the top. It was perfect for the kids, but I wasn't satisfied and decided months ago that all I wanted for my birthday was to not only hike a 14ner, but to summit the highest peak in Colorado (which is also the second highest peak in the lower 48 states)!

Once I knew what I wanted, I secured a babysitter for a 13 hour day, unfortunately the circumstances of that babysitter changed and she was no longer able to babysit.  I was devastated and through my tears frantically started asking around to find a replacement- no one else was in town or available. My birthday dream was crushed but I eventually accepted it and decided to postpone the hike. 

A few days later, I was talking to my friend Traci and her husband about 14ners and I shared my plans of our now cancelled trip, to which she instantly offered to watch our kids so Rich and I could go hike on my birthday. I couldn't believe it.  The hike was back on!!

So last night, we dropped the kids off at the Cox's at bedtime and then drove 2.5 hours to the trailhead in Leadville. We slept in our Jeep (who have we become??) and at 4am our alarm went off to start the hike. Within three hours we had climbed 4.5 miles, gained 4,442 ft in elevation, overcame two false summits and finally made it to the top! What an experience!

I'll never forget my birthday at 14,443 ft. with the man I love, and the service of a selfless friend who made it all possible.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

White Water

The Cernys took us to White River park in Golden and while Rich and I weren't dressed for tubing, the water was overflowing with people (pun intended) and McKay had a tired meltdown we had an enjoyable time + can't wait to go with them again! Check them out on instagram @Boulder_tuber_family

^^Macey and her Miles

^^grumpy man's toes

^^patiently waiting for her turn

^^rethinking going together

^^our big girl and McKenzie floating out 

^^Officially tubing!

until next time.