Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wings + Eclipse

Wings over the Rockies museum had a free day in celebration of the Solar Eclipse and you better believe we were there. 

^^Macey and the boys.

checking out the 93% totality

^^this picture is the best
 moms getting in on the action too!
It was pretty awesome to see the eclipse shape on the shadows, notice a darkening of the sky and feel a breeze during the peak minute! Pretty cool stuff!
^^Deborah, me and Julie--so grateful for these ladies!

What a fun morning and an incredible experience to witness yet another amazing wonder of the Earth! 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Superior Carnival

About 15 minutes after we got home from camping we were out the door again to make it to a mini carnival that was sponsored by a local bank. It was the perfect way to keep the excitement going for Macey's birthday-- she thought all the fun was for her!

petting zoo

^^bounce houses

 sno cones

^^we got to the tattoo tent and I asked Macey where she wanted her butterfly, she then lifted her shirt up and demanded it go on her belly, hah!

^^showing off her tattoo!!

 fire-truck tour

^^and finally a photo booth!


Our weekend was a full one! Let's rewind and recap.

Friday night we went camping with the ward at Pickle Gulch in the Arapahoe-Roosevelt National Forrest. The last time we went camping was three years ago, so we were due and honestly? It wasn't half bad! Since we went with the ward (my family is probably rolling their eyes as they read this) we didn't have to bring any cooking supplies-- breakfast was provided and we ate dinner before we drove up on Friday. I did enter a dutch oven into the cobbler contest and got some great reviews so we weren't completely worthless ;) We arrived around 6pm and set up our tent and then hung out around the fire while others arrived. Saturday morning we had breakfast and were on our way home by 10am.  Short and sweet is how camping trips should be!

^^late/early birthday presents-- camp chairs!!

^^McKay was in heaven with all the older kids around.  We bought our kids head lamps which were awesome and another mom brought glow sticks which were the talk of the campsite! The kids were up way past bedtimes but their giggles of delight made a decent bedtime obsolete. 

^^Camping? Check.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Macey's Special Day

You only turn TWO once, right?
I think this little girl had a pretty amazing day.

^^funfetti pancakes with frosting for breakfast

^^after church so got to open her presents which consisted of look and find books, new clothes, swimsuit, socks and memory game from Grandma and Grandpa Messerly.

^^ then we measured her and she is a whooping three inches taller than McKay was at age two (and age one).  Macey also demanded the dog to be in this picture, hah.


and then homemade ice cream at the Craig's:: 

^^this picture is all Macey.
Sitting super close to brother for comfort, a complete mess but loving every minute, a huge smile on her face while smearing ice cream on a friend and capturing the attention of those around her because she is so fun.
I'm not sure we could have done any more to celebrate our favorite little girl-- hope you know how loved you are and how grateful we are to be part of your life.

Happy Birthday Macey Lynne!

Macey is TWO!

 The pig Macey has become attached to was mine growing up and Macey hands down makes the best oink around!!
Height- 36 inches (96th percentile)
Weight- 28 pounds (68th percentile) 

Eating:: While she will try most things, she hardly takes more than a couple bites. Her favorites are scrambled eggs, bean + rice, bananas, apples, chips, popcorn, pancakes, smoothies, carrots, string cheese, milk, plus all the treats under the sun. She also loves eating with utensils and will steal yours if you don't provide her one. The days of her sitting in her high chair (boaster seat) at the table are long gone-- she needs her freedom to roam!

Sleeping:: Aside from a few early wake up calls during potty training and what we think are nightmares, she is a great sleeper.  Her schedule tends to be 7pm bedtime, 6am wake up (regardless of when she goes to bed) and a nap from 1-3pm. It's pretty perfect and we aren't wanting to mess anything up by transitioning her to a twin bed so we plan to delay that as long as possible. 

Temperament:: Rich and I both agree that Macey makes us laugh out loud more than McKay ever did.  Just today she was walking around kissing a Ken barbie doll over and over again. Macey can be such a silly girl and a hysterical mess all in a day's work.  I will admit that most her meltdowns are warranted (and caused by that big brother) but they can be draining all the same. It's been such a break through to be able to tell her "you need to stop crying if you want..." and she gets it and stops crying! Hopefully communication will continue to ease our frustrations once her vocabulary increases.  Right now she probably has 30-40 words she uses but you wouldn't know it unless you have an interpreter. 

-visiting out of the country
-loves nursery
- knows all her body parts and animal noises
-size 3T clothes
-rides brother's bike, almost better than him
-potty trained!!!

I'm so glad we have our little girl-- there surely is something special about having Macey in our home.