Monday, October 16, 2017

biker chick

For McKay's third birthday he got a Strider bike and today his sister used it more in one morning than he has in a year and a half.

Macey is a natural and now refuses to go anywhere without the bike.

^^her shirt was flowy and it leaned against the bike--so obviously it had to go.
 But look at this rockstar!

^^McKay relaxing in the stroller intended for Macey. 
Just like walking and potty training we've just to wait for him to get interested in riding a bike and not push it. I mean, Rich doesn't love riding bikes either...

^^distracted by their friend joining us on the way to the park

Macey biked both to and from the playground today with a smile on her face the whole time. Can't wait to bring her to the bike park tomorrow!

Sunday, October 15, 2017


^^nothing like chores in the nude

^^moves like Macey

^^embracing the velvet trend

^^our RS service auction night.

^^balancing a plate on her head, while eating a hotdog and riding her bike in the house-- this girl can do it all!

^^Rich's evenings go as follows::
Monday- pick up bball at clubhouse
Wednesday- church ball
Thursday- club ultimate

^^mom + son date to Safeway for dessert of candy corn. 

all in a day's work of pre-school

^^what 100 + acres of pumpkins look like

^^the bike gang to the farm

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Rock Creek Farm

 Today we ventured to Rock Creek Farm. 
This was Rich's first time of the season on our favorite fall outing and it will forever be remembered!
Our neighbors and dear friends (the Criste family) invited us to bike with them to the farm.  We are always up for an adventure so we agreed without hesitation and just our luck it turned out to be the windiest day we've had in months! We were quite the sight with four adults on bike, one seven year old on a bike and two bike trailers pulling three kids amidst the wind.

As we were approaching the pumpkin patch we could see orange on the horizon and it was such a beautiful fall sight. The farm has over 100 acres of pumpkins--it's incredible!  Plus the backdrop of the Rockys makes it that much better.

After braving the wind whipping hay and dirt in our faces at the kids area we decided to trek home...
Two of the Criste's bikes got flat tires, I lost a pair of sunglasses and Rich's credit card blew away but smiles and laughs were shared by everyone the whole morning and that's all that matters.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sombrero Marsh

Thorne Nature Experience hosted such a fun event today. I love that the kids and I are able to go and discover so many places.  
The Fall fest included a Jeff + Paige (environmental children's singers) concert, painting pumpkins, a nature walk, finding animal tracks and even touching a snake -- all while eating organic chia seed goldfish crackers and gluten free pretzels.

 A true morning in Boulder.

^^bones and skeletons of many creatures we see everyday. 

 Face painting was also offered! The kids got exactly what they requested.  A black ghost and a pink nose- hah!
This picture doesn't even do justice to the beauty and proximity of the mountain range we see everyday. These mountains have captured our hearts.

I'm so grateful we get to be apart of such a fantastic community!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


These two.

This morning they threw peanuts all over the living room and by 7:30am I'd lost my patience with them. I marched both of them upstairs and put them both in the crib (which they still haven't figured how to get out of).  I knew it was risky putting them in such close quarters but it was the only place I could put them that they couldn't escape. And I meant business. As I got in the shower they were jumping on the mattress and when I was done I could hear giggles from their room.  When I listened closer I realized they were reading books and playing duck duck gray duck and loving every minute of it.
 Time out worked to my advantage this time.

I am so grateful McKay and Macey have each other.  Chances are we will be a smaller family and the hope is that the bond these two have will grow even deeper over the years. A sibling relationship is unlike any other and I love watching M&M's develop firsthand. While at Rock Creek Farm today these two chased each other on top of hale bales with the biggest grins and I watched with such a full heart. Being a mom and spending my days with these two is a lifelong dream come true but I'll be the first to admit that it stretches me to my limit. 

Now, 12 hours later they are both asleep for the night and I can't wait to do it again tomorrow.