Friday, September 21, 2018


A whole week since I've blogged? 

I must have spent my nights busy reading, watching Jack Ryan (thanks to the filtering of VidAngel), at mutual and attending additional evening Lifetime classes.

During the day I feel like we've gotten in this killer (new) routine and I love it.  Once Macey stopped napping I thought my life would be over, but we've gotten in a groove and we've found more freedom for our days! Plus, a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning and a slight tweek in my eating habits and I've got energy to be out of the house the whole day. And let me tell you those kids never miss a 7pm bedtime now.

On Monday BVSD didn't have school so we invited all the youth and younger families to our pool and made a whole day out of it.  As I walked from the hot tub full of teenagers, passed a handful of primary kids jumping into the pool, to the chairs where all the moms were, I was fill with such an indescribable joy I never want to forget.

Tuesday found us back at the pool with a smaller crowd.  My friend came with her three kids and I'm not sure the kids even got in the water but I was so grateful they came because the conversation I had with my friend has been paying through my mind all week-- in a good way!

Somehow on Wednesday the kids convinced me to let them pick out tattoos at Party City before our trip to Costco. On the way to the store we had a nice chat about them each getting to pick out only one set of temporary tattoos and we came out with just those two .99 purchases. Doc McStuffins and Minecraft totally made that day rock.

I downloaded the Chick-fil-a app and found myself wanting to be a cool mom so I invited some friends to join us for lunch on Thursday.  The kids had a blast eating fries and ice cream while the moms talked about fitness goals and motherhood while eating the free 8-count nuggets. Crazy straws from the Dollar Store and finding a new library storytime, that fit into our new routine rounded out that day.

And today was the most boring of them all, which is ok! After the gym we found ourselves at Walmart to pick up Melatonin for our Macey because we are done with her sleepless nights and ventured down the Halloween section (but not the costumes, because I already got them for 40% off  at Target on Tuesday). Once we got home the kids played outside and had a picnic with Allegra and have since been counting down the minutes to go to their friend's house for the babysitting swap. 

This weekend will be close to home thanks to the Primary program + rehearsal tomorrow, Stake Youth Standards night and a 1st birthday party we were thoughtfully invited to. Some days I can strongly feel that a change is coming our way, and in those moments the simplicity of our current life is exactly what I need.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Roller Coaster

Rich and I have been looking forward to our day date at Elitch Amusement park in Denver all summer and today was the day! We left the kids with our babysitter and got to the gates just as they opened and spent a few hours "being teenagers" as Rich loved to say. However, as a teenager I don't remember needing to take Dramamine and then still feel like I was going to puke. We went on Minderaser, Tower of Doom, Boomerang, and Shipwreck falls before I had to call it quits and Rich finished with Half pipe and another 200 ft. fall on Tower of Doom.

While we walked around, hand in hand, without a worry (except always keeping track of which trashcans were near by) and kept everything we needed in a single fanny pack, we loved it all. We even splurged on Dippin Dots and enjoyed sharing them two ways instead of four.

Friday night dinner dates are typically our scene but it was so fun to try something different. 
Thanks for all the screams today babe.

Friday, September 14, 2018


 With 90 degree temperatures all week you know where we've been.
 And even though it's September and the UV index is lower (according to my app...) we managed the worst sunburns of the summer --how embarrassing.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

B classes

Our Lifetime offers daily classes for the kids to participate in AND they just started (free) progressive classes they can do as well. I signed Macey up for a 10 week ballet class and enrolled McKay in the 10 week basketball class but that separation didn't last long because they both wanted to do ballet AND basketball.

 They had their first classes this week and we're all in love.  The kids get exposure to something new, with a specific instructor and I don't have to pay extra for it, or spend a night during the week (or even worse, a Saturday) at practice!

^^this ballerina and I went on a girls date thrifting and found the cutest leotards (the one pictured is a hand me down from Brooke--thank you!). I ended up ordering her and Macey ballet shoes from Amazon and they keep asking for them, they can't wait to show them off for class next week.

^^I've always said basketball is my favorite sport to watch and seeing this kid in his "Minecraft" under-amour, holding a ball that he has no control over makes me excited to see what he'll think of the sport 15 years from now. Rich, however, thinks Macey will be our basketball star :)

What an inspiration these kids are to try new things and be willing to learn.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Cereal buddies

This daddy + daughter duo is as cute as they come.
We've been working on Macey staying in her bed all night, but more often than not she'll cry out in the middle of the night saying she wants her daddy to cuddle her. At the request, Rich leaps out of bed to appease his girl.  So maybe I should say we've been working on Rich staying his bed all night too ;) Once Macey Mack is up for the day, she comes to our room and requests to go downstairs to eat cereal with daddy. I often hear this happening but Sunday was the first time I witnessed what with routine looks like::

One chair, one bowl, two spoons, two happy cuties.