Monday, June 26, 2017

Fishing pond.

On Friday we head out on our first of three summer family vacations and my goal is to do something new with the kids each day before we go.

Today we explored this kids' pond in Boulder.

^^trying to catch fish with...our bucket. Uncles are the ones who have fishing supplies ;)

^^getting dirty

^^running laps

^^harassing geese

^^just another day in the life of the Messerly three.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Broncos Stadium

Rich has been looking forward to taking McKay to the Lacrosse game at the Broncos stadium for a couple weeks and they finally got to go on their adventure yesterday. 

^^first time in an NFL stadium for both boys of mine.

Rich is a tab bitter that lacrosse gets more love than ultimate frisbee, but they had a great time and stayed the whole game!

 Denver Broncos Stadium? Check.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Overlook Run.

I'm a huge planner and I do not like when plans change or need to be altered last minute. So when we woke up this morning to a cloudy sky-- I still had us run up to the overlook even though the view we were going for wouldn't be seen. 

When we first moved here, we fell in love with the view of the mountains that you see going down 36 into Boulder. On a clear day it's incredible and we'll get a picture someday so we never forget the view that gave us chills. It's such a great panoramic that there is a Scenic overlook where there is always someone soaking in the landscape. Today we ran to that overlook.

We ran on the US 36 bike highway for 4.5 miles to get us to our destination and after a few pictures and letting the kids explore we ran 4.5 miles home! Rich was such a champ pushing the kids in the Burley the whole way and the kids did ok for the most part. I was so excited to have a work out buddy, exercise outside, cross another item off our list and get to explore the bike path!

Our adventure took most the morning so we were actually grateful for the cloud over-- I'm not sure we would have made it if the sun was beating down on us the whole time. Tender mercies.

^^our longest run together!

^^getting out the last of the wiggles before the run home.

Run to our favorite lookout? Check.


^^giving Mater a carwash in my waterbottle...

^^this just makes me laugh

^^finally found a cupcake (or two) worth mentioning!! 

^^ lunch playdate at the Boulder Whole foods splash pad with the Goodell and Shirts crew.

^^discovered this playground about 100 yards from our house...pathetic it took us 3.5 months to find it.

pool playdate with the Goodell, Nash, and Craig families

^^nightly icecream out in the courtyard

^^Macey and I with pony tails ready for the pool!

^^date night with Nash babysitter swap
We love going to new places and cringe at the thought of eating at chain restaurants.  We've been so impressed with the food here and our date last night did not disappoint. 
Foolish Craig's on Pearl Street? Check.
The best Chocolate Oblivion dessert from Bittersweet confections? Check.

I remember in high school thinking that I was having the time of my life and then college which turned into nine years in Provo seemed like it was as good as it could get but now we love everything about our life more than we could have imagined and it's incomprehensible how things could get any better but I've learned that they always can. It's all about perspective, simplicity and remembering that happiness is in the journey!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Hike

The more we get out and explore new things, the more our list to do and see keeps expanding! The kids and I spent time at three new places this week and we've had so much fun.

A friend recently told me about the app "AllTrails" and I'm a fan! It lists all the hikes wherever you search and rates them on difficulty, shows pictures, lists trail distance and you can save hikes to lists you create! We finally got a break from the heat today so the kids and I ventured to Bobolink trail in East Boulder.  I knew the trail ran along a creek and just like I thought, throwing rocks into the water was a hit and the friend we met and brought home was a good highlight too ;)

 meet our first pet frog-- named "frog".

and can I just say that I love our camera so much. The moments we've been able to capture are irreplaceable and photography has become a favorite hobby! Being able to take pictures in new places may or may not be a big reason for our bucketlist, but who is complaining?

Bobolink Trail? Check.